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Happy Spring! As we welcome the change in seasons, we also welcome the many families and individuals seeking a new place to call home. If you have a home or property on the market, now is an excellent time to prepare for all the Summer excitement.

Here at Rick Ahmann and Associates, we are eager to assist you in the process of preparing and selling your home, in any way that we can. Which is why we created our Spring Cleaning Tips.  These tips are sure to attract homebuyers, and will ultimately save you time and money in the long run. If you have any questions about the information below, or about Helena, MT real estate contact us right away!

Spring Cleaning Tips  

These little touches will not only attract homebuyers but locals in the area, that can help to spread the word around. “Hey did you see that beautiful home for sale down the street?”

Questions or comments? Contact us right away! You can call the office at 406-442-3111 or toll-free at 866-933-1379. If you’re interested in seeing how others have cleaned and staged their home, take a look at our latest listings. For more information visit our Facebook page!